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The Value Process

The simple directions promoting the value of rinse and repeat, as printed on shampoo bottles everywhere, increases the amount used and garners manufacturers of personal hygiene products ...

Leveraging Social Media to Your Business Advantage

Social media is becoming a powerful business tool.  It is very common for businesses to post their latest achievements and other useful customer information on various media sites. ...

Are You Ready for a Crisis?

What happens if a major storm were to wipe out your business’s power supply, knock out your ability to access client and candidate information and make it impossible for staff to ...

Hiring the RIGHT Employees

Anyone who has ever opened a resume with a prospective hire in mind can tell you that hiring is an art and not a science.  Corporations have been hiring and firing people for hundreds ...

Effects of the Nurse Burnout Rate

A meningitis outbreak that was first diagnosed in September killed more than 30 and sickened more than 400. It was traced to tainted drugs shipped by a drug-compounding center in ...
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The End Is Near

While Dec. 21 likely won’t be the end of the world, it can be the end of ineffective business practices in favor of true best practices that achieve better results. These include: Always ...

Perception vs. Reality – Survey Highlights the Difference

CareerBuilder, just released its 7th Opportunities in Staffing study, identifying key trends for staffing clients, talent and providers. The report provides interesting statistics ...

Problem Solving in Branch Organizations No. 3

We’re in the home stretch for 2012 and it’s all about you, right?  Your company, your budget, your branches, your numbers. November often skids away from actual thanksgiving and ...
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Look Beyond the Markup

We all know the standard process to follow with an RFP for contingent labor. First you get the team together, and after a supplier selection process you send out an RFP to the suppliers ...

Stakeholder Support: The Vital Element of Program Success

We all recognize the value independent contractors (ICs) bring to an organization. We also recognize that using these critical resources comes with the responsibility to make sure there ...
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