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Keys to a Successful Contingent Workforce Program

In September, I attended the Staffing Industry Analysts’ CWS Summit in San Diego. And this year, for the first time, the SIA held what it called a Case Study Competition. The case ...
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How Your Website Can Grow Your Staffing Business

In mid-October at the Healthcare Staffing Summit, I had the opportunity to present at the expert round table discussions. Each session, people were lining up to learn how their website ...

5 Scary Creatures Your Sales Manager Should Avoid

As we approach yet another Halloween season, we think about all of the scary things in the workplace and ponder their effects on our job. And, as the year winds down, sales managers ...

Reducing Stress Among Your Staff

An important aspect of staffing a call center is having the tools necessary to assist your agents in relieving stress. According to statistics from the American Psychological Association, ...
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Staffing Inbound Marketing: If You Build It, They Will Come

Unless you’ve been living with the troll under a bridge in some far off land, you have been hammered with messages describing the imperatives of social media networking for staffing ...

Mobility and the VMS Experience

Most of us have experienced dramatic changes in our work life as technology has evolved from using a stationary desktop PC at the company office, to a laptop, to a mobile device. We ...
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Creating (and Addressing) the “Yet”

Recently, I conducted a workshop where we discussed how creating the “yet” is one of the most important jobs in sales. What does it mean to create the yet? First, you listen for ...

The Truth About the U.S. Skills Shortage

Even with the unemployment rate in the U.S. stuck stubbornly around 8 percent, an astounding 49 percent of firms in the country cannot find enough skilled workers to fill their available ...
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VMS in Healthcare Staffing Poised for a Comeback

After suffering a body blow during the recent recession, the healthcare staffing industry is again gaining momentum. The perfect storm of high unemployment coupled with loss of job ...

VMS and MSP Do Have a Role

VMS (vendor management system) and MSP (managed service program) are acronyms that have changed the staffing industry landscape significantly over the past decade and, for better or ...
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