Reducing Stress Among Your Staff

An important aspect of staffing a call center is having the tools necessary to assist your agents in relieving stress. According to statistics from the American Psychological Association, 36 percent of employees report that during their workday they feel stressed, and only 57 percent of employees state that they have the tools necessary to manage their stress at work. The following tips are particularly effective in call centers, but they can be used in any industry to keep stress from invading your staff and robbing them of productivity.

  • Organize a Morale Motivation Committee – Providing an outlet for your workers to voice the issues that are causing them stress as well as a way to constructively discuss ways to reduce that stress can be a huge benefit for your agents, representatives and associates.
  • Hunger and Hydration – Hunger and hydration can lead to stress so making sure that your staff members have easy access to a break room or area that provides snacks and beverages can help to reduce the amount of stress in the office.
  • Exercise/Stretching – Both of these are a great way to get away from work for a few moments, improve concentration, and build energy levels for the rest of the day. Simply taking a brief walk and performing simple stretches can make a world of difference when it comes to stress.
  • Team Building – When staff feels a part of a whole they feel less stressed or is at least able to express that frustration to someone and laugh at it. Great exercises to build your team include team lunches, pairing new-hires with experienced staff members, and having fun while working, which is much easier when people have built connections.
  • Utilizing Proper Tools – Let’s take a call center as an example. Employing the proper tools for your agents to perform their job properly, such as a predictive dialer, is imperative to relieving stress. When agents have an essential tool like a predictive dialer to contact their customers they won’t feel as stressed.

These are excellent ways to provide stress-relief in the workplace and through implementation can help you make your staff more productive and effective.

John Golat

John Golat
John Golat is CEO of Vioteck Solutions Limited, a provider of hosted automated dialer and predictive dialer technology.

John Golat

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  1. ProvenCandidate says:

    Nothing reduces stress among my coworkers like a quick game (or three) of Foosball.

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