VMS in Healthcare Staffing Poised for a Comeback

After suffering a body blow during the recent recession, the healthcare staffing industry is again gaining momentum. The perfect storm of high unemployment coupled with loss of job security created a negative trend for staffing firms. Nurses whose spouses were unemployed re-entered the workforce and many existing nurses put retirement plans on hold. Despite the aging population, loss of insurance coupled with delays in elective surgeries created a sudden flat-lining for nurse demand.

Although it was a tough period in healthcare staffing, it portends a much greater demand in the future, in spite of political considerations. Every potential supply dynamic for nursing outside new graduates has been exhausted. On the demand side, the population is still aging, and the medical procedures can only be delayed for so long. Add to these dynamics a never before seen growth in seriously obese Americans, and demand in non-elective healthcare will again see significant growth. This demand will once again create a need for healthcare entities to better manage this surge in human resources.

Ebay is an example of maximizing integration of supply to demand. Products are presented to the world and the market determines the value. As demand continues to increase, healthcare leaders will again be looking at methods to maximize exposure to the healthcare workforce, while minimizing risk through quantifiable vetting procedures. This is why VMS and MSP solutions will once again be on the minds of healthcare executives around the country. Leveraging the scalability of sophisticated software applications will again re-emerge as methods to reach the maximum number of caregivers will be sorely needed. As financial officers around the country try to make sense of the new staffing dynamic, the VMS will once again be front and center.

Tim Teague
Tim Teague is president of Blue Sky Medical Staffing Software. He can be reached at tteague (at) blueskymss (dot) com.

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