What’s Important for the Future in Healthcare?

Since Ford Motor Company ingeniously determined a more efficient means to manage both horizontal and vertical supply chain logistics decades ago, the technology has moved into most ...
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RPO in Healthcare

According to the 2012 Staffing Industry Analysts Healthcare Industry Staffing Buyers Survey, 28 percent of healthcare buyers currently use recruitment process outsourcing, with another ...
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Make It Your Business to Avoid Misclassification

As more companies take advantage of the benefits of the flexible workforce model, they must be diligent to remain in compliance with changing legal regulations or be exposed to unnecessary ...
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The Upside of Servicing MSP Accounts

The good part of servicing MSP accounts is that there is no dearth of business if things are done right. Spend by structured contingent workforce programs exceed $100 billion and are ...

Cultivating Client and Consultant Relationships

When I worked for a couple of consulting companies, I found that what the companies were missing was the direct communication with their consultants. Being out in the field and seeing ...
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Obamacare: A Lawyer’s Personal Perspective

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act might just as easily be called the Employment Lawyers’ Full Employment Guarantee Act. This unduly complex and confusing piece of legislation ...

Why RPO – Why Now?

For those of us keeping a watchful eye on the staffing industry, the growth of recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) has been on our radar for more than a decade. Based on a recent ...

Workforce Management: Engage, Engage, Engage

Chances are you put a good deal of energy into finding the right contingent workers for the task at hand. But once you’ve found them, how much effort do you put into keeping them ...

Boston Manhunt: Radical Accountability in Action

Last week, our televisions were filled with scenes normally reserved for Hollywood and make-believe: gun wielding SWAT teams, military Humvees bristling with weaponry, shots fired, ...

Benefits of Diversity Suppliers

The U.S. is among the most diverse nations in the world, both culturally and economically, and by mid-century minority groups are expected to be in the majority. This definitely is ...
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