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Ben Thakur is the principal of eTeam Inc, a service provider of structured contingent workforce and full-time hire solutions to its Fortune 1000 clients.


How Working with a Staffing Firm Can Jump-Start Your Tech Career

Keeping up with industry trends, shifting market demand and emerging technologies is critical in the technology field where things are always in a state of flux. Unless you are acquiring ...

Tips for Managing Risk When Hiring Contingent Workers

When it comes to managing the risk of utilizing a flexible workforce, MSP program managers and staffing buyers would do well to remember Benjamin Franklin’s axiom: “An ounce ...
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5 Key Strategies for Controlling Contingent Labor Costs

With contingent workers now comprising 40.4 percent of the U.S. workforce and growing, it’s imperative that MSP program managers help their clients manage and control the cost of ...

Getting Pay and Bill Rates Right

The attraction and retention of quality contingent workers has emerged as one of the biggest challenges for MSPs and their staffing partners. In the solution hunt, conventional wisdom ...

Supporting Clients’ CSR Initiatives Creates Cultural Bonds and Increased Value

As client relationships mature, coming up with new ways to create value and strengthen partnerships can be difficult in any industry. But creating added value for clients and end users ...

Mandatory Paid Sick Leave: The Three C’s of Compliance

Achieving compliance with a host of new paid sick time laws is a complex process that requires calibration, cooperation and communication among host employers, MSPs and their staffing ...

The Overlooked Benefits of Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

It’s easy for MSP program managers to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of implementing new policies and procedures and overlook the potential benefits of providing paid sick ...

New Mandatory Sick Leave Laws Require Planning and Preparation

Complying with a host of new mandatory paid sick leave statutes can be especially challenging for MSP program managers and suppliers, with contingent workers and spread across multiple ...

Assessing the Impact of Mandatory Paid Sick Leave

While it may come as a shock those who are paid when they miss work due to illness, 40 to 44 million of their fellow American workers don’t receive paid sick leave. In fact, 38 percent ...
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The Upside of Servicing MSP Accounts

The good part of servicing MSP accounts is that there is no dearth of business if things are done right. Spend by structured contingent workforce programs exceed $100 billion and are ...
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