RPO in Healthcare

busy hospital corridorAccording to the 2012 Staffing Industry Analysts Healthcare Industry Staffing Buyers Survey, 28 percent of healthcare buyers currently use recruitment process outsourcing, with another 24 percent seriously considering doing so. I firmly believe that we will only continue to see this number increase as the clock winds down and healthcare reform is officially instated later this year.


Over the years I have witnessed a significant evolution in the industry. The criteria necessary to operate a profitable and viable healthcare institution has been redefined. Historically, hospitals and other healthcare organizations were able to operate on a traditional, in-house recruiting model, where HR was wholly responsible for employee hiring, credentialing, compliance,  onboarding, scheduling and the patient care cycle.

Today’s healthcare environment is much more complex, complicated by acute nursing shortages, less attainable clinical ratios, keeping up with the latest recruitment technology and the Affordable Care Act. When you combine these variables with the need to synergize scheduling, time and attendance, and maintaining compliance, the need for a flexible overhead structure is apparent.

To that point, the employment and economic landscape is highly suitable for healthcare organizations to consider alternative and innovative solutions for workforce management. The answer lies within recruitment process outsourcing (RPO): a highly consultative program that encompasses the staffing office, recruitment, credentialing, onboarding, staff augmentation and the patient care lifecycle.

The growing pains of implementing new ways of doing business are ever-present. However, failure to adapt is sure to only negatively impact the financial health of hospitals and healthcare organizations.  The time for healthcare organizations to improve scheduling operations, increase process efficiency and engage competent, caring healthcare professionals is now.

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Bob Bunker

Bob Bunker
Bob Bunker is CEO and chairman of Medical Staffing Network.

Bob Bunker

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  1. Rich Durand says:

    Excellent observations about a rapidly changing industry. I believe medical science and technology has changed and continues to change so fast that it has caught the traditional side of doing business off guard. Hospital adminstrators are scambling to cope with these changes and costs. It is time to think outside the box.

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