How Get the Media to Cover Your Staffing Business

Not getting the recognition you deserve? Want more exposure to promote your services? Here are five tips for getting the media to cover your business.

Get to know the media. Which media outlets are most important to you as a staffing business? In other words, which media are most likely to be followed by your prospective clients and candidates? Consider local business media, as well as major websites, national industry publications, blogs and web sites, national business media outlets and social media outlets.

Develop a contact list. Once you’ve identified the most important media outlets for your business, it’s time to pinpoint the reporters and editors who you want to know at those media organizations. I recommend starting a spreadsheet to track the names, contact information and summary of their beat or the subjects they cover, as well as any notes on your interactions with them.

Introduce yourself. Develop a short introductory note that explains who you are and what you can offer. For example, explaining that you’re a female small business owner who specializes in helping Boston businesses find office support staff is a good lead, and letting the media contact know that you can offer perspective on local hiring trends, hot industries for job growth and tips for job seekers is a great follow-up because it clarifies you as a source for the reporter.

Pay attention. Ask any journalist their biggest pet peeve and they’ll tell you that it’s getting a story pitch from someone who clearly doesn’t read their work or understand the topics they cover. Make an effort to follow the writers who cover your industry – use technology to set up RSS feeds and follow them on social media so that it’s easy to see what’s being said. Then join the conversation by adding your comments when it’s appropriate and by sharing story links.

Advertise. This isn’t standard PR advice, but sponsoring a media outlet’s event or marketing initiative does garner attention and PR efforts work best when integrated into, and supported by, a comprehensive business marketing program.



Alison Kenney

Alison Kenney
Alison Kenney is an independent PR professional specializing in PR, media relations and content creation for clients in the staffing and HR industries. She is based on Boston′s North Shore and can be reached at alison (at) kprcommunications (dot) com, on Twitter at @akenn or

Alison Kenney

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