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The Benefits of an Integrated VMS

Contingent workforce management has long been held in a silo, viewed as separate from many organizations’ core operations.  But as the contingent percentage of the workforce grows, ...

The Impact of Mobility on Contingent Labor Programs

In recent years, the pervasiveness of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets in the enterprise has changed the workplace. Users are now leveraging cloud services mobility to perform ...
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Fieldglass Acquisition Validates Contingent Workforce Management Industry

It’s been six weeks since the announcement came out that SAP would acquire Fieldglass. The news was exciting. The biggest of the big guys — which VMS providers have been painstakingly ...

Leveling the Field: How Many Job Orders Are Driven through VMS?

In our North American Staffing and Recruiting Trends Report, “A Numbers Game,” released in February, we analyzed a variety of industry benchmarks gleaned from a survey of 1,337 ...

Do You Have a Plan B If Your VMS Provider is Sold?

You have just learned that the company providing your contingent workforce vendor management system (VMS) has been acquired. What impact will that have on you? The sad truth is that ...

Have You Asked “So What?” of Your VMS Data Lately?

I once had a boss who boiled every PowerPoint slide, Excel spreadsheet and graphic down to one simple question: “So what?” At the time I saw it as a funny way of challenging my ...
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Why Small Healthcare Staffing Firms Should Take a Stand on VMS/MSP

Recently I have seen considerable ink dedicated to promoting the merits of VMS/MSP programs. Perhaps it is time to change the discussion to a more realistic view from the perspective ...
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Engaging Contingents Amid Healthcare Innovation

Patients are using technology for health-related reasons at home, and forward-thinking physician practices and hospitals are incorporating digital technologies into how they deliver ...
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Why the VMS Promotes Second-Class Citizens

The subject of VMS arouses negative sentiments from most of the staffing suppliers I know — and for good reason. It’s not just about low margins. As staffing professional, we are ...
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Pioneering Data Visualization

Somewhere between the safe, sterile cul-de-sac of standard reporting and the wild-wild west of statistical analysis lies the open frontier of data visualization. This fresh way of presenting ...
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