Three Ways Payments Can Help Counter Marketplace Disintermediation

Acting as digital trading posts, online marketplaces provide businesses and freelancers with platforms to buy/sell services and goods. Whether it’s Uber, Etsy or Upwork, the result ...

2016 Elections and the On-Demand Economy – Who’s With It?

Every presidential candidate discusses the economy and employment and getting better, high-paying jobs for Americans. This is nothing new. But what is new is the incredible attention ...
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Human Cloud Developments Outpacing the Legal & Regulatory Landscape

Just as companies such as eBay have transformed buying and selling of goods, companies such as Upwork, Work Market and others – the human cloud segment – are transforming the market ...
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Early adopter temps joining online staffing platforms. You should follow.

How many times have you heard it? There’s a war for quality candidates. Your workers are your competitive advantage. Talent is going to define the winners of the next decade. And ...
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The Staffing Software Metamorphosis: Eat or be Eaten

In a 2011 Wall Street Journal article, “Why Software Is Eating the World,” Marc Andreessen, who runs Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, laid out the ...

Ask Recruit: Human Cloud Not Staffing’s Death Knell, Helps Legacy Businesses

It’s the 5th largest staffing firm in the world. And recently, Recruit Holdings, a Japanese conglomerate with a variety of global HR businesses, announced a string of investments ...

In a Virtual Talent Marketplace, Staffing Curators Are Vital to Compliance

A lot of staffing industry professionals look back on the 1990s as the advent of the VMS. However, many may not realize that online work arrangement intermediation platforms, as they’re ...

Why Coaching Is the Next Big Thing in Online Staffing

Online staffing has experienced explosive growth as more and more companies realize the value of leveraging the internet to source and manage their contingent workforce. Online staffing ...

Task-to-Talent: Freelancing as an Extension of the Contingent Workforce

The shift among businesses and workers toward contingent work arrangements appears to be accelerating and contingent work arrangement models are evolving, often through technological ...
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Jump to the Next Curve 2: Create Your Own Online Staffing Business

This is the part 2 of my Jump to the Next Curve series. You can find part 1 here. Anyone who has ever worked in the temporary staffing industry understands how to maneuver through ...
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