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Craig Johnson is senior managing editor at Staffing Industry Analysts. He can be reached at cjohnson (at) staffingindustry (dot) com

ESOP: A different type of sale

2019 has seen much ado about industry M&A. Amid growing interest from private equity firms in the industry, another type of sale is an option to staffing firm owners. Employee stock ...

Technology Making Staffing ‘Quicker and Slicker’

The staffing industry once conjured up images of brick and mortar offices stacked with files, physical paychecks and Kelly girls. Today that is no longer the case. For starters, we ...

Without Inclusion, Diversity Won’t Cut It

Pixar’s Purl brings it home like nothing else. Watching a ball of pink yarn — a new hire — try to fit in with a bunch of white guys at a firm called “B.R.O. Capital” is both ...

When humans take the place of robots

We don’t hear it very often, but humans have been known to take robots’ jobs. Despite the chuckles these incidents created, it brings to mind some larger questions that technologists ...

Staffing Firms Not Welcome Here

Are staffing firms being barred from setting up shop in Illinois? Recently, two staffing firms seeking to open offices in Joliet, Ill., were denied permission to do so. Joliet requires ...

The personalized experience: Find, engage candidates including those not active

Remember when Shutterfly sent out a wedding-congratulations email to people who weren’t getting married? It may have happened a couple of years ago but it’s a dramatic example ...

Why You Should Get Your Workers Hooked on Their Jobs

Disengaged workers terrify HR departments. And it is not just about the negative impact to the brand and company culture. The fact is disengaged employees cost the company money. According ...

Does EQ fit in the tech-dominated future of work?

Does emotional intelligence figure in in the tech-dominated, distributed workplace of the future? It likely does. EQ was a topic the other week during a panel discussion on the future ...

Growth on the Horizon

It’s been years since online staffing firms came on the radar, offering a way to find, engage and pay freelance workers through an online platform. Today, Staffing Industry Analysts describes ...
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