IR35’s Impact on Private Sector Contractors Leaves Businesses with More Questions than Answers

As more news emerges about how IR35 — a UK tax law that affects independent contractors — will be applied in the public sector, concern grows about if (and how) the law will be ...

Certified Self-Employed: Adding Necessary Certainty to Worker Classification

Over the past eight years or so, I have frequently written for Staffing Industry Analysts, and have spoken at a number of their events. While there is a collection of interesting areas ...

NLRB Rewrites Rules on IC Classification

In a surprising yet uninspiring decision, the National Labor Relations Board created a new test for employers to determine whether an individual is an independent contractor or employee ...

Talent Matching: Engaging with the Right Type of Contingent Workers for the Right Type of Work

It seems that the definition of “contingent labor” changes depending on who you’re talking to. To some, contingent specifically means agency temps (excluding freelancers, contractors ...

Classify Right. A ‘Nonemployer’ of Choice

In today’s labor market, close to 30 percent of your total workforce is made up on nonemployees. Even otherwise good employers are failing both types of workers by inadvertently or ...

Unintended Consequences Along the Compliance Continuum

Never before has there been an environment like the one our Fortune company clients are facing today. The long-heralded “perfect storm” was mostly marketing hype and fear selling ...

Payrolling, IC Compliance on a Roll

Staffing Industry Analysts recently released its buyer-focused Payroll and IC Evaluation and Compliance Landscape report. What the report revealed is that the growth of payrolling ...
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Make It Your Business to Avoid Misclassification

As more companies take advantage of the benefits of the flexible workforce model, they must be diligent to remain in compliance with changing legal regulations or be exposed to unnecessary ...
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Misclassifying Workers to Avoid Healthcare Mandates Can Backfire

While the Affordable Healthcare Act doesn’t go into full effect until 2014, the employee count to determine which employers meet the 50 full-time employee threshold for the Act’s ...

Willful Misclassification

It is not uncommon for staffing companies serving as the employer of record to be sued along with the client company where that worker provided services. The typical claims made in ...
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