Mark Stringer Mark Stringer
Mark Stringer is business development director at MBO Partners UK.

It’s time to prepare for the IR35 Private Sector changes

Changes to the IR35 legislation will soon come into play and businesses are paying attention to the market to see what other businesses are doing to prepare. At MBO Partners, we work ...

UK IR35: How Your Enterprise Can Prepare

Off payroll IR35 legislation, a UK tax law that affects independent contractors, coming into the private sector is generally considered a matter of when, not if. The legislation has ...

IR35’s Impact on Private Sector Contractors Leaves Businesses with More Questions than Answers

As more news emerges about how IR35 — a UK tax law that affects independent contractors — will be applied in the public sector, concern grows about if (and how) the law will be ...

Brexit: A Potential Silver Lining for Independent Contractors and Clients in the UK

As the dust settles from the UK’s Brexit vote, more questions than answers emerge about how this groundbreaking decision will affect independent contractors and their clients both ...
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