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Fieldglass Acquisition Validates Contingent Workforce Management Industry

It’s been six weeks since the announcement came out that SAP would acquire Fieldglass. The news was exciting. The biggest of the big guys — which VMS providers have been painstakingly ...

Do Your Workers Have a Job or a Career Mindset? How to Manage a Diverse Workforce

According to Federal Reserve Economic Data, the average American employee spends 1,700 hours working per year. With so much time being spent at work, it’s important for workers to ...

Employee Turnover as a KPI: Are You Getting the Whole Truth?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) are a major component of any MSP engagement, and most companies rely heavily on their KPIs to determine whether their MSP program is achieving the ...

Do You Have a Plan B If Your VMS Provider is Sold?

You have just learned that the company providing your contingent workforce vendor management system (VMS) has been acquired. What impact will that have on you? The sad truth is that ...

Baby Boomers, Contingent Workers and the Affordable Care Act

The idea of hiring part-time, temporary and contingent workers to save costs is not new, yet the trend is definitely increasing. As the economic uncertainty of recent years has caused ...

Ensuring Compliance for Your Independent Contractors

As business needs change and workforce models continue to evolve, more companies have turned to free agent talent as a key source for in-demand skills. By leveraging these individuals, ...

CWS Summit Boasted Exciting Changes

Something was different at this year’s CWS Summit in Chicago. It wasn’t just the fact that there were more attendees and sponsors present. More obvious was that the atmosphere ...

Leveraging BI to Improve CWM: A Three-Phase Approach

Vendor management systems (VMS) empower businesses to harness vast amounts of data related to their contingent workforce. When leveraged properly, Business Intelligence (BI) can help ...
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Can You — or Your CFO — Identify the Contingent Workers on this Team?

What does a contingent worker look like? This was a question I posed during CFO magazine’s webcast, “The CFO Playbook on Human Capital – The War for Talent: How to Better Recruit ...
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Merging CW Programs After an Acquisition

In the current, fast-moving and shifting environment of company mergers and acquisitions, there is the continuous task of adjustment, vetting, compensating and decision-making required ...
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