Sandy Mazur Sandy Mazur
Sandy Mazur is division president of license and franchise, Spherion Corp. She is responsible for the strategic leadership and support of an extensive base of Spherion franchise and license offices, as well as expansion into new U.S. markets.

Mend the Gap: How to Boost Employees’ Confidence and Secure the Right Skills for Tomorrow’s Jobs

The skills gap remains a significant hurdle as businesses evaluate staffing needs. With jobs becoming more specialized, businesses worry about finding qualified workers to drive continued ...

Do Your Workers Have a Job or a Career Mindset? How to Manage a Diverse Workforce

According to Federal Reserve Economic Data, the average American employee spends 1,700 hours working per year. With so much time being spent at work, it’s important for workers to ...

What Workers Really Want: A Glimpse of the Perfect Job

According to Spherion’s latest Emerging Workforce Study, 64 percent of employers say that finding and recruiting qualified, skilled workers is a top HR concern; yet less than one-third ...

Emerging Employers are Eclipsing Traditionalists in the War for Talent

A new class of employers is emerging in the post-recession market, and they have their sights set on top talent. These “emergent” employers are hyper-focused on recruitment and ...
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