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A Millennial Executive Fact-checks the Stereotypes

Millennials. There’s been so much talk about us over the years. So many stereotypes. So many misperceptions. Maybe it just takes a little more understanding. What is a Millennial? ...
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An Ambitious and Concerned Workforce

Most typical employees aspire to lofty career goals, while at the same time, grapple with a degree of uncertainty as to how they’ll get there. Perhaps more nerve-wracking is if they ...

5 Workplace Trends For 2017 – Talent Acquisition Execs, Are You Ready?

With the new year upon us, there comes a time for reflection – and strategic planning for the years ahead. Read on to learn about what we think will be the hot workplace trends in ...
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Get Rid of Unwritten Internal Rules

Documented policies and procedures guide many of the tasks staffing employees work on. And with good reason – written rules are absolutely essential to running a successful business! But ...

Business Leaders Need Flexibility in Their Talent Management Solutions

Digital is no longer one aspect of a business, but is integrated into every aspect of today’s companies to support them differentiate from competitors, deepen customer relationships, ...

3 Creative Contingent Labor “Savings” Strategies

Oh, the joys of counting savings.  It’s a fact that the more mature your contingent labor program is, the harder it becomes to squeeze more savings out of your contract.  You’ve ...

8 Tips for Awesome Onboarding

I was recently honored to conduct a SHRM webinar sponsored by Jellyvision called The 8 Tips for Awesome Onboarding. With 5,000 registrants, it was one of the most well-attended webinars ...

Make Hiring Great Again

Every election cycle is packed with lessons. This year, the Presidential election process, from the primaries all the way through to this early general election season, seems to have ...

The Manager’s Employee Engagement Checklist

Gallup’s recent State of the American Workplace Study highlighted the single greatest thing you can do to increase employee engagement: hire the right managers. In fact, the study ...

Never Be Complacent

There is an old saying: “Don’t look back; something might be gaining on you.” However, that might not be good advice in a highly competitive and dynamic world. Let’s look at ...
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