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Brian Cotter is president and co-founder of PSG Global Solutions. He can be reached at bcotter (at) psgglobal (dot) com.

Decrease Candidate Fallout in High-Volume Light Industrial Staffing

Unemployment rates are at all-time lows, presenting businesses with one universal challenge: how to attract and retain talent in a market where job seekers have options. Without the ...

Why Both Quality and Speed Matter in VMS Recruiting

When it comes to VMS-based recruiting, staffing firms need to find, screen, and submit candidates fast or miss their chance at placing their candidate. Submitting a high-quality candidate ...

How You Can Make your Staffing Firm Recession Proof

If there’s any industry naturally attuned to the ebbs and flows of a fluctuating economy, it’s the staffing and recruiting space. When the economy is booming and close to a full-employment ...

How and Where to Fit Offshore Support Into Your Business

We recently talked about why a company would use offshore support. Many businesses turn to outsourced support providers to drive profitability, enable growth, and add to flexibility. ...

Is Offshore Support Right for You?

These days more and more staffing firms are taking advantage of offshore support for their businesses. One area that has seen particularly rapid growth offshore support for the support ...

Blending Virtual, On-Site Recruiters

A growing number of staffing firms and HR departments are working with outsourced recruiters to get access to dedicated sourcing and recruiting resources, save money and remain flexible ...

3 Key Reasons to Outsource Administrative Support Work

When most staffing and recruiting companies think of outsourcing, they typically think of partnering with a company to get either sourcing or screening support. While those two functions ...

Offshore Recruiting Support: Evaluating the True Costs Between Buying Vs. Building

As the amount of recruiting work done from offshore locations continues to grow, many staffing firms are weighing the tradeoffs between buying their offshore capability (using an outsourcer) ...
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