Decrease Candidate Fallout in High-Volume Light Industrial Staffing

Unemployment rates are at all-time lows, presenting businesses with one universal challenge: how to attract and retain talent in a market where job seekers have options. Without the right combination of recruiting tools and resources, even companies recruiting high volumes of hourly light industrial workers will struggle. Here’s how Fortune 50s are not only attracting candidates but keeping them from falling out of the funnel.

Increase Hiring Using Existing Talent Pool

Fallouts are simply a by-product of the “War for Talent.” While qualified talent is available in many metropolitan labor pools, these candidates often have multiple offers from competing employers, resulting in increased fallout as the candidate progresses through each prospective employer’s recruiting processes.

Engaging quality candidates and accelerating the hiring process can drive a company’s overall cost per hire down and prove more effective than simply expanding candidate sourcing at the top of the funnel. Outsourcing these routine activities to an offshore RPO can prove to be one of the most cost-efficient decisions.

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For example, one of PSG Global Solution’s Fortune 50 clients was having difficulty shepherding industrial workers through the hiring lifecycle to fill close to 5,000 open positions for an anticipated production surge. The client contemplated investing more money into its baseline process flow to add more candidates to the funnel, but the projected costs surpassed its target budgets. Working with our teams to reduce candidate fallout, they were able to fill their open positions at well below anticipated costs. Here is a snapshot of how PSG supported their onshore recruitment team:

Hiring event calls. Recruiters called candidates who had been invited to job fairs to get them excited about the event, effectively communicating the client’s Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and confirming their attendance.

New hire orientation. Recruiters confirmed with candidates who had received jobs offers and checked availability for orientation, answering any logistical questions to ensure they arrived at their training location.

New Approaches to Increase Applicant Talent Pool

Keeping your recruitment funnel supplied with hourly professionals is becoming more challenging. Marketing campaigns, job postings, and hiring events that once guided a regular supply of hourly workers into large and well-respected companies now fail to yield the required volume of applicants. Many of the sourcing techniques that were once exclusive to professional staffing are now needed to fill industrial recruiting pipelines.

If done onshore, these sourcing techniques significantly increase the cost per hire for applicants added to the funnel with active and passive sourcing techniques. By leveraging offshore resources and multi-channel candidate engagement techniques, companies can drive the cost per hire down by over 50% compared to onshore resources using more traditional sourcing and screening techniques. Here are a handful of approaches that you can expect from a quality offshore RPO provider.

Applicant processing and screening. Offshore recruiters should go through the process of evaluating, screening, and scheduling applicants for face-to-face interviews at client locations with onsite client recruiters.

Candidate outreach. Offshore recruiters using recruitment automation tools can scrub your ATS, job boards, and LinkedIn to accelerate searches. Then, they can leverage multi-channel contact methods to source new candidates and generate additional applicants.

Onboarding. One of the most crucial legs of the hiring lifecycle is the final stretch. Offshore recruiters should reach out to candidates about start dates and manage onboarding processes to prevent costly candidate fallout and to lower cost per incremental hire.

When it comes to optimizing your talent acquisition efforts, you need all hands on deck. An offshore RPO provider can help keep your funnel strong and your candidate pool healthy so you have top talent when you need them.

Brian Cotter

Brian Cotter
Brian Cotter is president and co-founder of PSG Global Solutions. He can be reached at bcotter (at) psgglobal (dot) com.

Brian Cotter

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