Amy Bingham Amy Bingham
Amy Bingham, managing partner of Bingham Consulting Professionals LLC, advises staffing firms in the area of sales effectiveness through strategic planning, strategy execution and performance coaching.

Improve Candidate Generation with an Age-Old Sales Strategy

The state of hiring in the tech field in recent years has been defined by a deep skills shortage and fierce competition for a small pool of available talent. For IT staffing firms, ...

Want a More Effective Leadership Team? Take These Three Actions

The staffing industry by its very nature is a very reactionary business. When a client needs to fill a position, they typically need someone immediately. Every time the phone rings, ...

Imagine Never Paying to Upgrade Your Website — or for Coffee for Your Staff

Ever think of employing a strategy literally as old as manto help manage expenses?  If not, you might want to. What I called one of the “15 Creative Ways to Increase Profits” on ...

Let’s Take Our Pricing Power Back

Margins are in decline because we’ve given the pricing power to the buyer. In my work with clients, I find that even local firms working with very small accounts are now quoting the ...

Are We Unjustly Jittery?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a few senior staffing leaders express concern about business. The comments come under different covers but the theme is the same. “We’re on budget ...

The Right Fit

The article broke in June and no comments.  So I have to ask. Do any Staffing Industry Review readers have an opinion after reading my latest article, “Is it the Right Fit” June ...
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