Are We Unjustly Jittery?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve had a few senior staffing leaders express concern about business. The comments come under different covers but the theme is the same. “We’re on budget but we’re seeing a little flattening.” “We’ve invested heavily in sales resources and they’re not paying off yet.” “It’s getting harder to deliver on our clients’ expectations.” At the same time, these same firms are enjoying double-digit growth — above the industry average. And the employment picture, though lackluster, isn’t dire. The reality is the economy is still growing and jobs are being added. Especially for the staffing industry — the clear winner in June, reaping the benefits of employer skittishness in an election year, sputtering GDP growth, and a general fear of adding full-time headcount.

So my question is: “Why the jitters?” It’s a perfect storm of opportunity for our industry. Don’t let one slower-than-has-been-typical month paralyze you with fear. Stay focused, stay motivated, stay on your sales and recruiter teams, holding them accountable to the right behaviors and forge ahead.



Amy Bingham

Amy Bingham
Amy Bingham, managing partner of Bingham Consulting Professionals LLC, advises staffing firms in the area of sales effectiveness through strategic planning, strategy execution and performance coaching.

Amy Bingham

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