How marketing can help drive staffing sales

Marketing can have a significant impact on staffing sales. From attracting new prospects to warming leads to penetrating deeper into existing clients, sales and marketing work hand in hand. To successfully close a staffing sale, you must demonstrate the value of staffing and convince decision-makers to choose your firm for those services.

Marketing can educate potential clients and help your staffing firm stand out in a crowded field of competitors. It has the potential to generate new leads, enhance customer retention, re-engage former clients and maximize sales to existing clients.

Effective marketing for staffing can be your secret weapon to boost sales. Let’s break it down.

Lead Generation and Conversion

The first step in closing a sale is having someone to sell to — and knowing who is likely to buy what you have to offer. In marketing speak, that’s called defining marketing personas. In plain language, it’s looking at what your current clients have in common and finding more of them.

Target your marketing efforts toward like-minded decision-makers. Email newsletters, personalized follow-ups, retargeting and content marketing can help turn leads into clients.

Re-activating Former Clients

Reignite interest among previous clients with re-activation calls, retargeting PPC ads and email follow-ups. Demonstrate your value as a resource and thought leader by writing relevant blogs, posting tips on social media or hosting webinars.

These marketing tactics help keep you top of mind, making former clients more likely to reach out to you rather than a stranger when they are ready.

Selling More into Existing Clients

Marketing also plays an instrumental role in upselling and cross-selling services to existing clients. When current customers spend as much as 67% more than new ones, it’s worth making it part of your growth strategy. You’ve already proven your value as a partner; now you must prove your versatility. It can be an uphill battle to convince a client who depends on you for second-shift production workers that you’re the logical choice to conduct an executive search for a new CFO. Marketing can help.

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How to Get the Most ROI from Marketing

Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. Some of these suggestions you can do yourself — you pay only in time — while others will pay for themselves in only a sale or two.

Brand identity. You know not all staffing firms are alike. Do your prospects? A distinct brand identity can help you stand out and attract clients. Focus on your unique selling points, and keep your brand consistent across all marketing materials and platforms.

Online presence. Invest in an updated, user-friendly, informative website. Maintain a social media presence, and use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques to help reach a wider audience and generate more leads.

Content marketing. Engage your prospects by producing relevant content that demonstrates your expertise in the staffing industry. eBooks, webinars, blog posts, white papers, case studies and so on can help engage prospects and position you as a thought leader.

Customer testimonials and reviews. Sharing positive experiences of existing clients can build credibility and trust among prospects, leading to new business. With case studies, you can share detailed accounts of how you successfully addressed pain points.

CRM and marketing automation. By using customer relationship management and marketing automation tools, sales teams can track prospects’ engagement and tailor their outreach strategies accordingly.

Social selling. The sales team can use LinkedIn or other social media platforms to develop relationships with potential clients. They can share relevant content, participate in discussions, answer questions and highlight their firm’s unique value propositions.

Digital marketing. Techniques such as email marketing, pay-per-click advertising and content marketing can help attract more clients and drive sales.

Networking. When sending follow-up emails after an event, include a link to a blog, case study, specific page on your website, etc., relevant to your discussion. This approach helps to build a consultative rather than transactional relationship.

Want to Close More Staffing Sales? 

Marketing is an essential part of your sales arsenal. Make full use of CRM and automation tools, practice social selling and follow up direct marketing campaigns with phone calls for the best ROI. Sales and marketing working together is the best weapon for staffing sales success.

Want to learn more? Check out “Accelerate Your Sales…. How the Best Staffing Firms Integrate Sales and Marketing,” a free on-demand webinar from Haley Marketing.

Cathy Lanski

Cathy Lanski
Cathy Lanski is a senior copywriter with Haley Marketing. She can be reached at clanski (at) haleymarketing (dot) com.

Cathy Lanski

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