A tale of CW program managers: Send in your choices now, nominations close July 15.

The rise of the gig worker is a tale that will be told for many generations to come. It is one of the most important stories of our time. Why? Because organizations need to become much more adaptable to rapid change. At the same time, they need their talent to be agile in an economy where it’s getting harder to source, manage and retain talent while getting the job done.

And that talent is a large portion of organizations and the economy. Respondents within the Americas to SIA’s Workforce Solutions Buyer Survey — which comprises companies with at least 1,000 employees — report a median 20% of their workforce is contingent. And according to MBO Partners, some 41 million people work on a contingent basis in the US, generating $1.28 trillion in revenue for the US economy in 2018.

But the gig worker is just one part of the story. Much less is written about those professionals at Fortune 2000 companies who manage these workers. From turning a spreadsheet-based program into an internally managed MSP using a VMS to administering a CW program with $850 million in spend, these professionals may be managing as many as 3,000 to 5,000 contingents spanning nearly two dozen countries.

These are just some of the accomplishments being touted in nominations for this year’s CW Program Game Changers list. They are a vital part of the gig story. Versatile, savvy, innovative and strategic in their approach to managing the workforce — including contingents — these experts are elevating the ecosystem as they find new models for getting work done.

Last year, my colleagues and I fielded nominations for dozens of industry pioneers. We spoke with professionals who are passionate about creating efficiencies and saving their companies money, but also enabling their stakeholders to access the talent necessary to complete their projects. Our honorees spanned the globe, as did their programs.

But it’s not just about getting the job done. These Game Changers care about developing the talent. They work hard to ensure a symbiotic relationship: both the talent and the business get what they need. Many of these contingents work on long-term contracts, others come on aboard as full-time employees.  Much has been said about the exploitative nature of the gig economy but there are other good sagas as well.

Next Monday, July 15, is the last day to submit nominations for this year’s list. Have you nominated that colleague who has made an immeasurable impact on the company and program? If you are a supplier, are there program managers with whom you’ve worked who stand head and shoulders above others?

Past inclusion does not ensure recognition this year — so make sure your opinion is heard. Do your bit for the ecosystem. Send in your faves for the 2019 Game Changers list today.

The 2019 CW Program Game Changers is is sponsored by MBO Partners.

Subadhra Sriram

Subadhra Sriram
Subadhra Sriram is Staffing Industry Analysts' editor and publisher, media products. She can be reached at SSriram (at) staffingindustry (dot) com.

Subadhra Sriram

Sharon Thomas

Sharon Thomas
Sharon Thomas is a senior editor at Staffing Industry Analysts, responsible for the Contingent Workforce Strategies 3.0 e-newsletter. She can be reached at smthomas (at) staffingindustry (dot) com.

Subadhra Sriram

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