Selling Staffing Services to a Skeptic

No company can be successful without great employees. And while most business leaders understand this and are willing to invest in recruiting, engaging and retaining their top talent, not enough recognize their inability to do this in a cost-effective way. Outsourcing staffing and other HR services can be a great way to adopt recruiting best practices and also improve results, helping companies bring in and hang onto top talent.

To staffing professionals, this just makes sense. But some business owners don’t see it this way. So it’s our job to make them. Here are some ways to drive home the need to invest in staffing and recruiting practices.

Focus on the Challenges

We live in a job market dominated by passive job seekers, meaning people who are already employed but that are looking for new opportunities here and there. And there is also a labor shortage, meaning job seekers have far more leverage than employers.

As a result, recruiting top talent is a full-time job requiring an aggressive, proactive strategy. To be successful, you need exciting, engaging job postings, an employer branding strategy, a stellar candidate experience, a competitive compensation package and a presence on social media.

For most companies, asking their HR team to focus on this plus all of their other responsibilities is just too much, meaning no one function gets done as well as it could be. Emphasizing these challenges that businesses face when recruiting talent will help sway business leaders towards making the move to outsourcing HR functions as well as recruiting and staffing.

Emphasize Cost Savings

The best way to get the attention of any business owner or leader is to promise better results for less money. Some recent studies have found hiring a manager making $40,000 a year costs somewhere between $20,000-40,000 in recruiting and training expenses.

This is an astronomical amount when you stop to think about it. So to sell staffing services to a busy business owner, focus on how you are going to help them bring this number down, and how you’ll be able to produce better results than what they’re getting on their own.

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Demonstrate Results

Last but not least, most managers are going to want to see some data to back up your claims. Ask past clients to write testimonials on your site, make sure you’re present on all social media platforms, and have some case studies to give to people to show how your process works and helps people save money.

In many ways, selling staffing services is like selling any other product. First, you need to make people aware of a need not being met. Next, you need to highlight how you can satisfy that need, and then you need to put your money where your mouth is. Do this, and you’ll soon find yourself getting more responses to your sales calls, bringing in more clients and revenue to your staffing operation.

Jock Purtle

Jock Purtle
Jock Purtle, CEO and founder of Digital Exits, coaches businesses through their life cycle, from launch all the way to the exit.

Jock Purtle

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