What Will It Take to Make Your Company a Contingent Staffing Leader?

522578943There’s never been a better time to be in the contingent staffing business. Yes, margins are tight, but market forecasts are heading in the right direction. Call it the Gig Economy or on-demand work, it’s US employees who are now driving the growth of alternative work arrangements. Some predict the contingent portion of the U.S. workforce will grow to 45% by 2020. Now is the time to evaluate your practices and procedures to determine if you’re well-positioned to take advantage of this market opportunity. If you have some issues to resolve, video interviewing technology may help. Here are five obstacles commonly faced by staffing firms, and ways you can overcome them to take your company to the next level:

  1. You Don’t Have Enough Bandwidth for High Volume Projects. You can significantly increase the numberof candidates your recruiters are able to screen by using on-demand video or voice interviewing. Create an easy-to-complete interviewfor your candidates to work through quickly and include some filter questions. Candidates complete the interviews online within the time period you set. At the deadline, recruiters can see at a glance which candidates meet the requirements of your role  and instantly move them to the next step in the process without having to ask those questions of each individual candidate. It’s high-volume screening that is extremely effective and time-efficient. It can be scaled up whenever you have a client with large and immediate staffing requirements.
  2. Your Recruiters Spend Their Days PlayingPhone Tag with Candidates. How many hours do your recruiters spend each day coordinating schedules for an interview or trying to get a candidate on the phone so they can perform a screening? Isn’t their time better spent working face-to-face with candidates and clients? You can re-focus their time by implementing a video and voice interviewing platform that offers candidate self-scheduling capabilities. Recruiters gain back hours in their day, and candidates appreciate the flexibility and convenience of completing a video interview whenever it fits into their schedule.
  3. Your Clients Want to Meet Potential Candidates Face-to-Face. For certain roles and with certain clients there are definite advantages to bringing your clients together with potential candidates. Use live video interviewing technology to make it happen quickly and easily for your clients and candidates. When you set up live panel interviews, your client can meet all of the candidates you recommend, one by one,or as a group. No one needs to leave their office or home – they can join in via smart phone, tablet or desktop PC.  Once the interviews are complete, your recruiter and client can continue to meet virtually to share feedback, narrow the field and make a decision in record time.
  4. You Want to Use Social Media, But How? Not every contingent staffing firm has the time or resources to devote to a complex social recruiting strategy. There’s still a way to take advantage of the power of social media, though. Some video interviewing solutions that are designed specifically for hiring enable recruiters to cast a wider net using their social networks. Use your video and voice interviewing platform to integrate with social media channels so your recruiters can promote open positions and invite candidates to engage in a quick video or voice interview. No social media team needed.
  5. You’d Like More Engagement with Your Candidates. Your recruiters can build a better relationship right from the beginning by connecting with candidates via live video. Recruiters quickly get to know candidates as individuals, so they’re able to make better placements. Candidates are treated to a high tech yet personalized experience that supports their decision to work with your firm. By meeting with more candidates face-to-face, your firm is better positioned to deliver excellence to your clients as well as the candidates you’re placing.

If this is the year you seek to make your firm an industry leader, consider ways technology might help. Video interviewing can transform your approach to staffing so you’re able to take that next big leap ahead.

Sarah Doughty

Sarah Doughty
Sarah Doughty is vice president of client success at Montage. Contact her at sarah.doughty (at) montagetalent (dot) com.

Sarah Doughty

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