Email Marketing Tips to Attract Passive Candidates

178502977Email marketing is one of the most effective and widely used ways to outreach the most passive candidates. But most of time, nobody bothers to open such messages. Here are some key insights that can make email marketing a hit:

Make your name recognizable. You first need to let your candidate identify you. A generic subject line from an unfamiliar person is not going to get any response. Just ensure that your name is identifiable for your candidate. You can use email names with your company name and the email account should be linked to the company.

How’s your subject line? The subject line has got to be good in order for the candidate to click in. Attractive subject lines like “Looking for the perfect opportunity at [organization name]?” – or “6 reasons [position] will be your best job” can help you gain access to the mind of your potential candidates. It will get the desired attention in marketing, as well as in recruiting also.

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Right call to action. A message from a recruiter should include a call to action. Are you expecting a reply to your email? Visit a jobs website or schedule a phone call? The call to action should be a clear cue what the candidate’s next step should be. Don’t assume that the next step is obvious. This call to action acts as the centerpiece of the message.

Make email responsive for mobile users. Nowadays, most people use their mobile devices frequently for social networking and checking email. Given this scenario, recruiters should ensure that their messages are responsive and optimized enough for mobile users. It should open in any type of device being used by the potential candidates. Format your emails to make it simple and mobile-friendly. The candidate should be able to zoom in on the written communication or download and save a signature attachment if he or she so chooses.

Synopsis. Above mentioned are some of the key email marketing tips that can help recruiters to reach out potential candidates and compel them to open, read and take action.

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Reena Gupta

Reena Gupta
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Reena Gupta

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