Who’s the Next Contestant?

186156456Like a game show where it’s anyone’s guess who’s going to win, it’s difficult, if not impossible, to predict which companies are going to buy next. At any moment in time, only 3 percent of companies are buying from a staffing or recruitment firm. During that same moment, another 6 percent are shopping, comparing candidates, prices or contracts.

Unless you have only one customer, no one is smart enough to accurately predict, all of the time, who’s going to give the next “yes.” That’s why achieving greater or faster growth for many branches, business units, and companies in our business is as simple as expanding the pool of contenders.

Who’s the next winning contestant in this game for talent? Actually, the better question is:

Is your sales team talking with enough of the right, qualified entrants?

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Scott Wintrip

Scott Wintrip
Scott Wintrip is the president of the Wintrip Consulting Group. He was named to the Staffing 100 by Staffing Industry Analysts in 2011-2016 and was among the first class of the Staffing 100 Hall of Fame in 2017. He can be reached at scott (at) ScottWintrip (dot) com.

Scott Wintrip

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