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Secrets to Inbound Marketing Success

Is your staffing firm’s marketing plan helping you achieve the results you want? Is it time to switch tactics or should you stay the course? These common sense secrets will keep you ...

The “Non-Existent” Candidate

Back in the old days, as we hiked 10 miles to work in the snow with no shoes, when we took a temp, contract, or direct hire order in the staffing and recruiting business, we did everything ...
choosing healthy

Buying into the Healthy Option

This weekend I had a conversation with Henry, my 4 year old, about why chocolate puff cereal is a treat and not a healthy meal. I got the typical responses that you’d expect from ...
head start

Outplacement: The Next-Generation Solutions

When companies take action to reduce expenses through workforce reductions, it is imperative they select an effective outplacement service that results in new jobs for the transitioning ...
burning farm

Don’t Burn Down the Farm

At echogravity, we commonly liken sales organizations to farms. Each year, farmers continue to sow their fields in order to reap the results from their back-breaking labor. Each spring, ...
Business meeting

Who Plays a Part in Building Elite Contingent Labor Programs?

In today’s marketplace many companies employ a contingent labor program to interact with their staffing suppliers. No longer are hiring managers creating the rules or providing direction ...
keep secret

Are Workplace Investigations Confidential?

Over the years, attorneys have routinely counseled their clients to assure complainants of confidentiality when investigations workplace misconduct and other incidents. In most cases, ...
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Keys to MCRPO Success: Well-Defined Metrics

As employers continue to deal with an ongoing talent shortage that shows no signs of letting up, an increasing number of companies have recognized the benefits of looking beyond their ...

Increase Staffing Company Valuation Through Recruiting

I really enjoyed Allen Cash’s blog posting, “How to Profit from (Low Quality) VMS/MSP Accounts.” I unequivocally agree with Allen’s conclusion, “VMS/MSP relationships are ...
social world

The Social Vendor Management System

There are hundreds of stats on the growing use of social media, but all we really need to do is look around. Smartphones in hand, people of all ages are re-tweeting, liking a Facebook ...
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