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Is Your Healthcare MSP Over-Committed?

First, let’s start with a definition of MSP.  According to the Staffing Industry Analysts: Managed Service Provider (MSP) is a service whereby a company takes on primary responsibility ...

Do You Have a Plan B If Your VMS Provider is Sold?

You have just learned that the company providing your contingent workforce vendor management system (VMS) has been acquired. What impact will that have on you? The sad truth is that ...
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The Challenges of Insourcing a Contingent Workforce Management Program

Many companies assume that insourcing a contingent workforce management program is a simple way to cut costs. After all, a mature program has gone through any necessary growing pains ...
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Real MSP Independence Is a Choice

Why do managed service providers and consultants with no staffing subsidiaries or affiliation, and thus, no ability to fill positions in a managed staffing program, insist that they ...

Don’t Forget the Accountants!

The decision to implement a managed services program (MSP), or to replace an existing MSP vendor, should not be taken lightly. Your workforce is the heartbeat of an organization and ...
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All Healthcare Staffing Firms Should Work Together to Embrace Best Practices With MSPs

As president of workforce solutions for AMN Healthcare, I take exception with Colleen Mills’ recent blog post, Why Small Healthcare Staffing Firms Should Take a Stand on VMS/MSP. ...
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VMS/MSP Primer

Seventy-Five. That’s the percentage of Fortune 1000 corporations, in a recent survey, that either are currently, or plan to manage their contingent labor spend through a VMS platform ...

Vendor Neutrality: Not an Unprofitable Illusion

A recent post in The Staffing Stream about MSPs suggests that the success of the MSP model is intrinsically linked to large staffing agencies, and vendor neutrality is an unprofitable ...
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MSP Is a Strategic Talent Solution

On Feb. 18, the Staffing Industry Daily News featured a comment made by Randstad Chairman and CEO Ben Noteboom  during a conference call with analysts. Here, Noteboom clarifies his ...
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Selecting the Right Contingent Workforce Consultant

I was having a conversation a few days back with a former colleague around our favorite topic, contingent workforce solutions. We tossed around ideas that would surely revolutionize ...
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