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Right Pricing

What is “right pricing?” It is pricing not to maximize your margin, but to maximize your profits. Many companies price their products and services to get the highest margin rate. ...

The Future of Staffing May Lead to the Past

Remember the day when employers hired and fired all their own workers? Yes, the era preceding the staffing industry as we know it today. Not to be nostalgic, but there are forces at ...

Bankruptcy – Seeking “Critical Vendor Status”

Staffing company interests and obligations are all too easily orphaned in the days just preceding, and immediately after, a Chapter 11 bankruptcy petition. The general pressures of ...

Aligning Technology to Business Outcomes in Staffing (Part 2)

When I was asked to share more about nemawashi (as featured in part 1 of this series), I did not hesitate as I know firsthand the benefits that I’ve seen in my life and while serving ...

Supplier Strategies for Working with Program Offices

For those working with in a third-party staffing arrangement, or those considering engaging in this type of model, there are some key insights to help make the opportunity a win for ...

Reach Greater Growth and Profitability in Your Contingent Workforce Programs

In my 20 exciting years working in the contingent (external) workforce space, I have seen the most dramatic shifts recently. After one of the largest recessions in US history, we are ...

Why Staffing Needs to Get Smarter with Suppliers

Staffing businesses are very good at the supply side of supplier-buyer relationships. It’s what they do best: quickly and capably supply talent to their clients (buyers). However, ...

When Getting Feedback, Don’t Shoot the Messenger

On the plane ride home from Staffing Industry Analysts’ Healthcare Staffing Summit earlier this month, I read Peggy O’Neill’s Staffing Industry Review article “Do This, ...

Let Your Suppliers Specialize

With most contingent workforce programs, benchmarking is a great place to start in order to identify savings opportunities. It makes sense. You know a job category in your location ...

How to Choose an Outsourcing Service Provider You’ll Be Happy With

The most common reason companies resist even considering outsourcing part of their business process is the fear of losing control. So what can you do to ensure the provider you choose ...
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