IR35’s Impact on Private Sector Contractors Leaves Businesses with More Questions than Answers

As more news emerges about how IR35 — a UK tax law that affects independent contractors — will be applied in the public sector, concern grows about if (and how) the law will be ...

When & Why Working from Home Became So Popular in Europe

The growing phenomenon that is working from home arguably has its roots in the transitional period between the industrial era and the knowledge era which we currently inhabit. With ...

How Brexit Can Affect Your Staffing Firm

Even if you were unaware of Brexit before, you know about it now. If you are a small to midsize company not doing any international business, you may believe Brexit may not affect you. ...

Brexit: A Potential Silver Lining for Independent Contractors and Clients in the UK

As the dust settles from the UK’s Brexit vote, more questions than answers emerge about how this groundbreaking decision will affect independent contractors and their clients both ...
EU flags in front of European Commission

‘Brexit’: What happens now?

Sticking with the maritime metaphors that have been used by both the British prime minister and the Chancellor of the Exchequer as they come to terms with the seismic vote by the UK ...

5 Staffing Trends From CWS Europe 2016

I was lucky enough to attend Staffing Industry Analyst’s Contingent Workers Summit Europe earlier this month. This is a must-attend event for those responsible for or investigating ...

Tech Cities Gain Ground in Battle for IT Talent

Last year saw the battle for IT hires intensify as several of the UK’s Tech Cities narrowed the gap against London’s dominance. This was the major finding from our latest Tech ...

European employment law – Vive la difference?

Across Europe, there is often a perception that all laws are roughly equal and all countries follow them similarly. However, even within the European Union (EU), there is a whole range ...
Big Ben and Union Jack

Zeroing In After the UK Elections

Having listened to the pomp and ceremony of the recent opening of Parliament from our offices in Westminster, I was again reminded of the UK’s recent general election results. ...

Managing the Oil and Gas Workforce for Long-term Growth

Oil and gas recruitment has traditionally been a case of ‘square pegs for square holes,’ but as the industry adjusts to low oil prices, the importance of a sustainable resourcing ...
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