New UK Parental Leave Rules and Temporary Workers

The entitlement to parental leave was introduced in the United Kingdom 1999 and provides birth and adoptive parents – and anyone else with parental responsibility – with ...

Where the Staffing Industry Tech Is Heading

One thing the staffing industry has a lot of is data. The problem today is it’s mostly unstructured; CVs sit on redundant legacy databases, interview notes and feedback tends to be ...

Has Your Contractor Created A Permanent Establishment With Their Limited Company?

In the cross border contingent workforce arena it is not uncommon for a worker to be engaged on a project through their Personal Services Company (PSC), also known as their limited ...

Is Eastern Europe Really the New Frontier?

Companies are realizing they can fill wide gaps in their workforce strategy – and that their managers can be back in London or Amsterdam in time for dinner – by growing their teams ...

Paying Social Security Contributions While Contracting Abroad?

Last month, I wrote about the 183-day rule, a big tax myth and that it’s definitely not a synonym of tax-free income. However, I did not have enough time to fully explain the link ...

Who Moved My Labor Arbitrage to Lithuania?

For the past five years, companies in finance, data analytics and technology have been hiring thousands of Lithuanians. Why? Stable wage costs and skilled talent are driving more and ...

Watch out: Common interpretation of 183-day rule could actually mean tax evasion!

Having talked about the myths surrounding business visas last month, I thought it’d be good for us to look into one of the tax myths, and I believe the biggest one out there is the ...

Risks of Relying on the Wrong Compliance Tools

RPO end-users and service providers might be exposing themselves to risk through an excessive reliance on spreadsheets. The problem is around compliance, and how organizations deal ...

How Important Is Data Analytics to the Future of HR?

Having discussed harnessing social media, enabling internal knowledge creation and leveraging social capital in previous articles, it seems a logical next to address one the key players ...

Don’t Pack Your Bags Just Yet – Myths of the Staffing Industry Part 1

One of the definitions of myth is “a widely held but false belief or idea” and when it comes to myths, the staffing arena is full of them. So, assuming you are old enough ...
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