Phil McCutchen Phil McCutchen
Phil McCutchen is marketing manager at Bond US.


Beyond the Biceps: 3 Ways to Diversify Your Client Base and Strengthen Your Recruiting Firm

When you want to get stronger physically, you lift weights. Do you just do rep after rep of bicep curls? No; you’ll only have strong biceps. For real strength, you’ll do squats, ...
c-level standoff

Recruiters – Is Technology the End of the Line?

There is some dust being kicked up these days in the hiring industry surrounding recruiting software and automation vs. live recruiters. Is technology taking over the recruiting ...

What I learned from Peter Sheahan at the SIA Executive Forum

At the 2014 Staffing Analysts Executive Forum last month in San Diego, the spotlight was the future, with many parts of the program devoted to helping staffing and recruiting companies ...
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