Peter Linas Peter Linas
Peter Linas is international managing director at Bullhorn.

The ‘D-Suite’: Why the recruitment industry needs data-driven leaders

As we enter 2019, it’s more clear than ever that data isn’t going to simply play a supporting role – not for any industry, and certainly not for recruitment, where it may well ...

The UK Labor Market Has Changed – What Recruiters Can Do

Demand from businesses for talented individuals will almost always rise. But what about supply? Over the last few years it may have felt like there was an endless well of talent to ...

How Do We Upskill Recruiters?

Automation, along with the use of other productivity-enhancing technologies, is transforming business operations across all sectors. As these technologies manage more and more routine ...

Are UK recruiters fully embracing automation?

Recruitment agencies in the UK are increasingly aware of the importance of automation in the recruitment process, but many are yet to fully embrace it. According to Bullhorn’s 2018 ...

Decisions All Growing Recruitment Agencies Need to Make

The recruitment industry is experiencing a lot of change. New economic, technological and societal trends are forcing agencies to make more – and better – decisions: decisions that ...

It’s not what you know: How recruiters can embrace the new relationship economy

Most recruiters understand that to build a successful business, they need to forge trusted relationships within their networks. No matter how balanced the spreadsheets are today, if ...
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