Neil Jones Neil Jones
Neil Jones heads the APAC leadership team in Alexander Mann Solutions, driving APAC’s growth strategy and business plan objectives. He also supports leads global sales. He can be reached at Neil.Jones (at) alexmann (dot) com.

Embracing the Digital Agenda in APAC

The digital agenda is certainly a top priority for employers across APAC and, when we consider the positive impact that embracing the right technology in the talent attraction process ...

Changing TalentStrategies in APAC

In my last post, I outlined the many talent challenges employers are facing in APAC. While the ever-complex and ambiguous people landscape in this region means there will never be a ...

Talent Trends in APAC: Addressing the unique challenges of talent acquisition

There can be no doubt that the Asia Pacific region is becoming of increasing interest for global businesses. There are a number of key drivers for the global spotlight shining on APAC ...
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