Mike Drolet Mike Drolet
Mike Drolet is COO of Pontoon, the global HR outsourcing brand for Adecco Group.

Candidate/End-User Experience, Part 4: Can Automation Drive Efficiency Gains Without Losing the Human Touch?

Thanks for joining us as we explore the topic, “Can there be too much automation in the recruitment process.” In this fourth and final post in the series, we ask the question, “Can ...

Candidate/End-User Experience, Part 3: We Can Have the Best of Both Worlds

Thanks for joining us as we explore the topic “Can there be too much Automation in the Recruitment Process.” So far in this four-part series, we’ve discussed the recruitment approach ...

Tailoring the Recruitment Approach with Automation Part 2: Factors and Strategies to Consider

In our initial blog post, Pontoon COO Mike Drolet discussed how each organization is unique and will have different proceses that automation can solve. All organizations, however, have ...

Tailoring the Recruitment Approach with Automation: Identifying Opportunities

Automation has become an essential feature in the recruitment process. It’s also clear that using the right recruitment tools does save time and money while creating convenience and ...
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