Matt Chamberlain
Matt Chamberlain is executive director, delivery/recruiting operations of Digital Intelligence Systems LLC (DISYS).

Internet Killed the Recruiting Rock Star

We live in an amazing time of electronic convenience and instant gratification.  You can video chat with a friend on the other side of the world, order almost anything imaginable and ...

Recruiting Intelligence: Improving Client-Vendor Partnership

In finding top talent for our clients, recruiters are often seen as merely a stepping stone in the supply chain rather than a critical source of market intelligence to aid clients in ...

Why a Proactive Approach to Candidate Relationships Is Critical to Success & ROI

With ongoing complaints regarding lack of communication between staffing firms, clients and candidates, it is important to examine the differences between “transactional” methods ...

How Candidate-Centric Recruiting Is Changing Staffing

Across today’s staffing landscape, leading recruiters and delivery groups are transitioning away from traditional, client-centric recruiting and instead embracing candidate-centric ...
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