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Leah McKelvey is director, global enterprise operations, at Bullhorn. She can be reached at leah (dot) mckelvey (at) bullhorn (dot) com.

Aligning Technology to Business Outcomes in Staffing: A Conversation with Rob Waddell, CIO, Apex Systems (Part 1)

Nemawashi. Have you ever heard of it? I hadn’t either until recently. I was attending an executive roundtable event a few months back and heard a staffing executive mention this concept ...

Behind the Global Power 100: Lessons from Top Women in Staffing

Last year was a groundbreaking year for the industry: Record revenues and unprecedented M&A activity stand out. Of course, there was another notable first: Staffing Industry Analysts’ ...

Increase Female Leadership With Family Support & Flexibility

Part 3 of the Women & the Path to Staffing’s Highest Ranks Series Four weeks and four blogs here at Staffing Stream have given us lots of time and space to dissect the factors ...

For Women, For All: Mentorship, Sponsorship, Promotion – Part 3 of the Women & the Path to Staffing’s Highest Ranks

You can’t mention the words “career development” today without someone saying, “Get a mentor.” It’s a long-held belief that a mentor is a powerful ally to have as you navigate ...

The Confidence Question: Is Your Organization Giving Women the Confidence to Lead?

Over the next several weeks, I am exploring key issues that are either helping or hindering women who want to advance to senior leadership in the staffing industry. Confidence is where ...

Women & the Path to Staffing’s Highest Ranks: A New Series

In the staffing industry, we know what a powerful — and often majority role — women have long played in recruitment, staffing and HR. So, why are we as an industry — one dedicated ...

Are You Neglecting Your In-House Talent?

There’s an old adage that applies very well to the staffing industry: “the shoemaker’s kids have no shoes.” It’s natural to focus on client demands and open requisitions more ...

Most Staffing Execs Are Horrible at Social Media. There, I Said It

Yes, that headline is a gross generalization. And I use “most” intentionally as there are a handful of staffing executives doing an exemplary job using social media to interact ...

Is Social Selling Working for You? 3 Lessons from Staffing Industry Leaders

According to the Google results below, social selling is “a hot buzzword being thrown around today.” I agree with this sentiment. But what is social selling and how can it affect your ...
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