Kim Bell Kim Bell
Kim Bell is vice president of global sales at AgileOne.

George Jetson’s Resume

Meet George Jetson!  His boy Elroy!  Daughter Judy!  Jane, his wife! For those old enough to remember when the Jetson’s cartoon first hit the air, you’ll also remember that the ...

Hey workforce professionals! Is it time to clean up your language?

Food for thought, going forward we need to make sure the expertise we are sharing is truly in our wheelhouse, and out of the box or we might find ourselves in the parking lot! As trained ...

For the Love of the RFP!

The year was 1997. Spice Girls were topping the music charts. Titanic won the Oscar. Bill Clinton was president. The Chicago Bulls were the NBA champs. It was also the year of my first ...

Speaking English Can Leave You Positively Knackered

In his lovely, British voice, the client said to me, “Let’s table the RPO discussion.” I couldn’t believe what I was hearing! More than 10 hours on an airplane across the Atlantic ...
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