Komal Dangi Komal Dangi
Komal Dangi is CEO of Synkriom lnc. a global IT staffing company that supports both on / offshore clientele and resources. Its patented product, VeriKlick, is a web-based tool for use in the HR space that will eliminate candidate bait-and-switch, fake resumes and increase hiring ROI. Schedule a demo today!

Best Recruiting Practices – 2018

This month, I am going to address some of the burning questions we have received from recruiting professionals who reached out to me for some insight after reading my last couple of ...

How to Stay Ahead in the Staffing Game!

The staffing industry has been always very competitive, as most corporate employers work with multiple staffing agencies at any given point in time; and in many cases, as an agency, ...

Best Recruiting Practices Tips – 2018

Staffing and recruitment have evolved drastically in the last few years, with myriad advancements in technology and an increasingly global marketplace of people, products and services. ...

Verification With a Klick: Hire Right the First Time!

Even in today’s talent-driven labor market where job openings outnumber talent supply, job fraudsters are a thing. Some candidates actively seeking a job can still be desperate, and ...
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