Jodi Hon Jodi Hon
Jodi Hon is president of MDT Holdings and iLabor. She can be reached at jhon (at) mdtholdingsllc (dot) com.

Why It’s High Time for Supplier Enablement in Staffing

2015 was a strong year for job growth. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, total U.S. employment rose by 2.45 million jobs, as unemployment fell from 5.7% in January to 5.0% ...

Help Talent Vendors Help You: Innovations & Insight

Seconds count in staffing. In a market where demand for skilled talent is constant and supply is very limited, high speed is often the trump card. If secondary talent vendors are even ...

Why Staffing Needs to Get Smarter with Suppliers

Staffing businesses are very good at the supply side of supplier-buyer relationships. It’s what they do best: quickly and capably supply talent to their clients (buyers). However, ...
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