5 Key Steps to Starting a Staffing Company

So you’re considering starting a staffing agency — if you are here, congratulations! You’re in the right place. I have a pre-launch checklist for you … because failure to launch is not an option when starting a new company.

What Do You Need In Place Before You Launch Your Staffing Startup?

1. First, get a good financial partner. Meeting payroll, as a staffing firm, is a must. If you don’t have that, you lose not only your workforce but your credibility and whatever reputation you are trying to build. Also, your ability to raise capital pre-launch also facilitates your ability to put together resources like your career site, sales collateral and more.

2. Remember that software is key. You want to do your billings on time, and be professional in your payments, statements and service. Also, look into ways to automate processes like client and candidate communication to retain your best clients and applicants. A functional applicant tracking system is also a strategic investment that can include lots of other features to help you recruit more effectively.

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3. Don’t forget about marketing. A strategic marketing plan is essential to your business strategy. You should develop goals, strategies and tactics to reach both your recruiting and sales goals. You should have a basic plan in place at the time of your launch. Keep it manageable and lean. Measure numbers for each tactic to evaluate whether you need to increase your efforts with that tactic or shift to different tactics. The market and economy are constantly changing. Your marketing plan should be able to pivot to meet new challenges. As a startup, you don’t have time to do everything. Consider outsourcing strategic parts of your marketing strategy.

4. This leads to sales strategy. Have you done research and figured out who your ideal clients are? If so, great. You should also get the message to your sales staff and recruiters. Everyone should be on the same page. Your marketing should be integrated fully with your sales strategy. Whether you are going to use cold calls or, inbound marketing techniques, keep track of your sales data and conversions to see what is consistently working and what is not.

 5. This brings me to recruiting strategy. You need your internal staff to be dependable, engaged, and enthusiastic. You can scan resumes, but the best idea is to monitor job trends in your area and then come up with a list of attributes that reflect the role you want your new hire to play. Of course, you also need to keep an eye on what your competitors are paying and pay what’s appropriate. When you look at resumes, keep in mind the candidate’s experience his or her job record, and the skills that fit the position. Again, your marketing strategy should be fully integrated with your recruiting efforts. Especially in this candidate-driven market make sure to research Recruitment Marketing best practices to make sure your recruiting is as streamlined and profitable as possible.

Implementing these five strategies will have you well on your way to starting a successful staffing company. It’s time to get started.

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Lenny Tierney

Lenny Tierney
Lenny Tierney is founder, president and CEO of Madison Resources.

Lenny Tierney

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