6 Necessary Steps to Implement a Successful Employee Texting Strategy

You’ve probably realized that texting is the most effective way to reach most of your employees and get them the work they want. Now the question is, “How do we manage texts professionally?”

Or perhaps you’re asking, “How do we scale this?” I’m going to show you how to do both. After reading this guide, your staffing agency will know exactly how to implement a successful employee texting strategy.

1. Get your team set up. Everyone on your team needs to have access to a business texting solution, preferably one that (a) lets you text from your same office phone lines, (b) lets you log in from your computer or any other device, (c) lets multiple users view a shared dashboard, and (d) allows you to text from multiple office lines under the same account.

This will make your life easier, and create flexibility for oversight and compliance that you’ll be thankful for later.

2. Add your lists and create your groups. You have a list of employees to contact whenever new opportunities come up, and you may have a different list for each type of job your agency staffs. Export those lists from your applicant tracking system (ATS) or contact relationship manager (CRM), and upload them into your business texting solution.

Add each list of employees to a group specific to that job type. E.g. if you’re adding a list of employees interested in pharmacy jobs, create a group called Pharmacy and add them to it. Repeat as necessary for each job type.

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3. Send your texts. When new jobs come available, send a message to the relevant group. For example, you might send a message to your Hospitality list saying, “We have 100 openings for Friday’s event. 6pm-12am, pays $15/hr. Please reply if you’re available. Thank you! – [Rep at Agency]”

You’ll start getting responses in seconds, and can give work to whomever responds first. You can also schedule these messages in advance to streamline your workflow.

4. Text for individual conversations, too. Filling jobs faster is the main reason staffing agencies text, but there are several other good opportunities.

  • Schedule interviews and meetings. It’s often easier to schedule a phone call, interview, or meeting by text than to email or even directly call.
  • You might send a text saying, “Hey Jeremy, do you have 15 minutes for a phone interview this afternoon around 3pm?” Or, “Quick question, got a minute to chat?” Or maybe “We’d like to bring you in for an interview. Are you available on Tuesday at 9am? Let me know, thank you!”
  • Vet new applicants. A click-to-text button or SMS chat is a great addition to your website, and would let viewers text you directly from your site. You can then respond to applicants’ questions through text, and even have them text in pictures of their resumes.
  • Send reminders and quick tips. Everyone appreciates a little help, like quick reminders for what to bring to an interview, or tips for making a good impression. One popular option is to text a picture of the person the applicant will be meeting. That might be the interviewer or a job site supervisor. E.g. “When you get there, ask for Carla. She’ll be your supervisor. PS, she likes new employees to show up early. [picture]” These are good messages to schedule in advance as well, perhaps as soon as you book that job or interview.

5. Make texting part of your routine. Anytime you start working with a new employee, add them to the relevant job type group. E.g. if you get a new person looking for catering and event service jobs, add them to your “Catering and Events” groups. That way they’ll get updates of new opportunities like everyone else

Second, use keywords to continually build your lists. A keyword is simply a word someone texts in to opt in to updates about that topic. So you might prompt employees (on your website, in person, etc.) to “Text CONSTRUCTION to (423) 218-0111 to be the first to know about new construction jobs in town!

6. Connect your texting service to your ATS or CRM. After the initial setup, make sure the contacts and messages in your texting service integrate with your other software. This keeps you from having to regularly export and import lists, and keeps all your messages under one roof.

Now you’re all set to implement a successful employee texting strategy at your staffing agency! How much time and money do you think you’ll save after that?

Kenneth Burke

Kenneth Burke
Kenneth Burke is marketing director at (Text Request), a business texting software company.

Kenneth Burke

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