Results from 2016 Threats to Traditional Staffing Survey

hammer-682767_640This summer, we surveyed staffing firms on the global threats to the industry. Following detailed comparative analysis with other studies, the results from our 2016 Staffing Industry Threats Survey are available for review and downloading. We received a total of 336 responses to our survey questions concerning the present and future impact of the Skills-Gap, Human Cloud/Gig Economy, Process Outsourcing/Talent Acquisition Technology, and Big Data/AI/Robotics on traditional staffing.

Significant Findings and Takeaways:

  • Outsourcing and the Skills-Gap are having the largest impact on staffing revenues.
  • The impact of the challenges surveyed are expected to increase substantially over the next 10 years.
  • Results varied by staffing segment served, with providers of IT and Healthcare services being impacted the most in 2016 and going forward.
  • Employer’s (especially manufacturers) view of the Skills-Gap as a significantly greater challenge than staffing providers surveyed.
  • Aging workforce, technological change and inadequate screening and training are viewed as the major contributors to the growing Skills-Gap.
  • The key to overcoming the Skills-Gap is effective recruiting and in-house training/apprenticeship programs tailored to fit the technology-driven needs of specific industries and companies.
  • Employers (and HRO/BPO providers) view AI/Big Data/Robotics as significantly greater challenges than surveyed staffing providers.
  • Increased investment in talent, technology and training are the overwhelming choice of staffing providers for addressing the challenges surveyed.
  • Staffing providers that can work with employers and educators to establish effective recruiting and in-house training/apprenticeship programs, while also adding AI/Big Data/Robotic capabilities to their own organizations will gain a competitive advantage in the next decade.

You can find the original survey here and the complete survey report here.We wish to thank the many executives and owners who participated in the study and welcome your feedback and questions.

Wil Beach

Wil Beach
Wil Beach is managing director, HRO at De Bellas & Co. He can be reached at wbeach (at) debellas (dot) com.

Wil Beach

George Kuck

George Kuck
George Kuck is managing director of De Bellas & Co. LLC

Wil Beach

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