How Are You Going to Grow?

Welcome to budgeting season. It’s the time of the year that I start fielding inquiries from executives that need help with strategic planning and P&L forecasts. For many of the ...
Path to Profit

How to Profit from (Low-Quality) VMS/MSP Accounts

Anyone familiar with vendor management systems (VMS) overseen by managed service providers (MSP) can tell you that not all VMS/MSP accounts are created equal. There are some that utilize ...

What Role Does Strategy Have in Staffing?

Staffing at its roots is an entrepreneurial industry. Some of the most successful staffing companies can point to strong leadership, aggressive execution, and ambitious production personnel ...
Records Requests

Court Ruling Affirms EEOC’s Broad Reach

It seems like every week there is some decision, guidance or policy change that alters companies’ ability to transact business. Whether it’s the courts, the Equal Employment Opportunity ...

Strong SOW Management Is Key to Project Success

There are more than 33 million professionals who comprise the non-employee workforce in the U.S., representing more than $250 billion in project spend. Unfortunately, many of these ...
IC Risk

IC Misclassification Risk: It’s About the Right Engagement Programs

I have been leading the charge in supporting independent contractors (ICs) for more than a few decades. I have seen the good, the bad and the ugly issues from all perspectives, including ...
missing mark

How MSPs Are Missing the Mark

I see the statistics — demand for IT talent is at an all-time high; the number of computer science graduates has flattened in recent years and is down 40 percent from 2002. I see ...

NLRB Challenging At-Will Employment

At-will employment clauses are one of the most common provisions in employment agreements and employee handbooks. The concept that an employer can terminate an employee for any reason ...

How to Leverage Social Media

Social media has not only shaken up the lives of job seekers (it’s estimated that more than 14 million people used social media to find their last jobs in 2011) — it′s also changed ...

National Economic Forecasts and Staffing Projections

Many temporary staffing professionals, on both the buyer and supplier side of the market, are responsible for estimating temporary staffing demand for their organization. Staffing providers ...
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