How to Combat the Current Tech Talent Shortage Through Recruitment

Cloud architects, security professionals and systems analysts are some of the most sought-after tech professionals for open jobs on the market currently, according to Robert Half Technology’s 2021 IT salary report. This has left many organizations struggling to find, hire and retain talent that fits their tech needs.

To get through the current talent shortage, organizations must keep an eye on the future when sourcing and recruiting, no matter the economic climate.

If HR leaders are only recruiting for currently open positions, they leave their teams exposed to risk in the future. It is important for talent acquisition specialists to connect with candidates consistently so that they can establish and continue to develop relationships with them. This leads to finding candidates that are right for the role now or in the future, or candidates that will feel comfortable enough to connect HR leaders with a high-quality referral that could satisfy their needs.

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Referrals are often where the best talent comes from. It is necessary to put in the effort to source passive candidates as not everyone is seeking new opportunities on job boards. In fact, one could argue that most of the types of people HR is on the lookout for are already working and perfectly content in their role. However, if HR leaders can connect with candidates through LinkedIn or by phone, the relationships that they form will help plant the seed of opportunity with potential future candidates, so they keep your organization top of mind when it’s time for them to make their next move. There is no substitute for picking up the phone and making calls. Think about the world we live in now: when a phone starts ringing and it’s an unrecognizable number, it often goes straight to voicemail. If recruiters can leave a voicemail that intrigues the candidate — an elevator pitch – they will call back.

One of the things that has helped me build my skills as a recruiter was being recruited myself. I look back on how recruiters approached me and how they presented their information — how they tried to “sell” me. The focus should be on presenting yourself as someone that can help that individual get that “job of a lifetime,” and having the conversation that excites them and makes them believe that their life and career will be better for it.

It is also important that organizations set themselves apart from the pack as the employer of choice – a best-in-class company that differentiates themselves against what their competitors are doing. Taking the time to evaluate what is and isn’t working in terms of recruitment can ensure organizations are able to attract, hire and retain the best candidates now and in the future.

A company’s reputation is everything — and when you are doing it right, people will notice.

Susan Walsh

Susan Walsh
Susan Walsh is global director of HR at Netrix.

Susan Walsh

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