3 Ideas To Improve the Efficiency of Your Sales Staff

Even if your sales force is already awesome, chances are there are still ways in which it can improve. Read on for three simple ideas to increase your team’s efficiency and, more than likely, its success.

Use Technology to Stay Organized

Whether you have a small or massive sales force, your team will likely benefit from implementing a Customer Relationship Management platform. With CRM, all contacts, customer data, purchase records and communications can be stored in one place, making it easy for anyone in your company to access vital sales information. A CRM can keep you organized while providing analysis to make sure you’re staying on top of sales trends.

Another bit of technology that may be useful for your sales staff is effective route planning software. If your team routinely makes sales calls to current and potential clients, then this can be a real time saver. By helping to intelligently map out each day’s visits, route planning can let your employees focus on maximizing opportunities rather than making travel plans.

Collaborate With Your Marketing Team

To sell effectively and efficiently, your sales force needs the right marketing materials. That’s why it’s important that sales and marketing collaborate to ensure that the most professional and useful brochures and sales media are produced. By having your sales team work with marketing to provide feedback on current materials and what they feel they require to succeed, you can help both departments achieve the best possible results.

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Devote Time to Existing Clients

While acquiring new business is often seen as the best way to increase sales, existing customers shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s likely that your team has clients who are happy with your service and products, so checking in with them on a regular basis to see if there are other ways they can be assisted is a smart move. Maintaining a relationship means your company will be at the top of the client’s list when they’re ready to make another purchase.

Reaching out to current customers can also be an excellent way to earn business from new clients. Encourage your staff to ask for referrals, or perhaps create an incentive program for clients who send new business your way. This can be a more efficient way to acquire new customers than cold calling.

A more efficient sales force is almost always a more successful one. With improved efficiency, staff can become more productive and free up more time to close additional sales.

Kevin Devoto

Kevin Devoto
Kevin Devoto is a freelance writer who specializes on topics related to business, digital marketing, and web development.

Kevin Devoto

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