5 Workplace Changes to Help You Attract and Retain A+ Players

A good work environment with a great culture is essential to attracting and retaining top talent that can take your company to the next level. But, only a happy, healthy and highly productive workforce can ensure sustainable business success. So what changes can a company bring in to make the workplace a talent magnet?

Here are five great ideas to help you create a work culture that consistently attracts and retains talent in the long run:

1. Use Your Physical Infrastructure to Create a Positive Work Environment. The interior of any workplace has a massive effect on the positivity and the productivity levels of employees. An attractive-looking workplace that is free from clutter and features ergonomically designed furniture is sure to make employees feel comfortable, stay focused, be creative, and envision new ideas. This surge of positive energy ultimately works to enhance productivity and increases profits. Lastly, a workplace with the right color scheme and a design concept that does not confine employees to cubicles fosters interpersonal communication and facilitates the creation of meaningful relationships between employees.

A positive physical environment, improved collaboration and team spirit are all interconnected to corporate wellness so if companies can create a workplace with all these three factors in sync, it becomes easy to attract and retain top industry talent.

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2. Initiate an Employee Wellness Programme for Optimal Employee Happiness. Show that you care for your employees by initiating a company-wide wellness program that aims to make a difference in the lives of those who matter to your business. Take a poll in the workplace and find out the priorities of your people and once you have their opinions, chalk out a plan to best accomplish their happiness goals.

3. Help Employees Accomplish their Career Goals and Cultivate a Highly Productive Workforce. Part of the secret to keeping employees happy and highly productive at work is to encourage them to pursue their personal aspirations. When employees feel that they are working toward achieving their career objectives, the stresses and strains of daily work won’t matter much. Instead, they will feel motivated to perform and won’t get bogged down by deadlines, work pressure or negativity.

4. Leverage Technology to Encourage Collaboration Within the Workplace. Communication is the key to fostering corporate wellness because only when employees communicate well at the interpersonal level, can the workplace be more organized, efficient and productive. Fortunately, technology solutions have become the key enabler of employee engagement in countless organizations today. These user-friendly applications not only make communication fun but also facilitate smooth and speedy work processes across the board.

A workplace with a good communication system that connects employees from all the tiers allows openness and familiarity beyond business goals and contributes to corporate wellness.

5. Go Flexible with the Work Hours to Offer a Balanced Work-Life. One of the biggest employee engagement trends today is flexible working hours. With the recent advances in technology and widespread adoption of BYOD policies, companies are now offering the freedom to work anytime-anywhere at some level. This approach is doing a lot of great things for businesses across the globe because it not only shows that employers trust their teams but also helps employees strike a balance between their personal and professional lives.

Why Workplace Environment Matters to Corporate Wellness

Any organization is the sum of its parts and it can only survive and thrive as long as its employees perform and grow professionally. In a highly competitive business world where people switch jobs at the drop of a hat, it is up to employers to keep up by reinventing their employee engagement policies.

Implementing these five tips will help attract and retain the right fit, making the workplace more productive and profitable. So, roll out your new employee engagement practices, invest in training and development initiatives, or allow work from home on certain days because these may be just a few thoughtful endeavors because they will eventually translate into a happy and high performing workforce.

Austen Lee

Austen Lee
Austen Lee heads up digital marketing for Rewardz, Malaysia. He believes the key to corporate wellness is identifying talented individuals and harnessing their efforts by understanding what motivates them.

Austen Lee

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