How to Become a Tier 1 Staffing Vendor Within MSP Programs: Part 2 of 2

In my last post, I discussed Akraya’s positioning as a Tier 1/preferred staffing vendor with several MSP programs. I shared with you some simple tactics to help you focus your business (don’t be everything to everybody), create differentiation (start with what you can deliver), and how to move up the tiers (maintain a consistent level of delivery). After you’ve mastered these tactics and aligned yourself well to the client’s needs, how do you reach Tier 1 status?

I’m back with some advanced tactics for becoming a Tier 1 Staffing Vendor:

Measure the same key performance indicators that your MSP does (and hold your team accountable for them). Your MSP likely has a scorecard with several metrics that gauge your performance within the program. Use those same metrics as a guideline to lead your team in weekly, monthly and quarterly goals. Incent and motivate your staff to perform to the MSP’s expectations, continually improving the company’s scorecard.

Be a good MSP partner. If you have a good business partnership, you might judge the quality of that partnership by how much business they help you bring in. A healthy partnership with an MSP is no different. Often, Akraya’s converted consultants find themselves in a hiring position with a need to find a new employee. While this is commonplace and easy to accept, you should be a good evangelist for the MSP program and bring that direct hire opportunity to them. This is a great way to not only build business, but foster trust with your MSP partner.

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Use diversity certifications to your advantage. Much has been written on this subject. Even I, along with nearly every other executive on our staff, have been invited to speak specifically on this subject. If you’re a business owner andqualify for a minority certification, there are certifying agencies that can help you. Many business owners underestimate the power of diversity spend. Several enterprise corporations have a diversity spend goal of 20% or more. For a company like AT&T, that amounts to $12.8 billion allocated to diverse suppliers.

So now you have some tactics to help you enter an MSP program and compete with large and small staffing firms by focusing your business, creating differentiation and maintaining a consistent level of delivery.

Once you’ve made some traction, the tactics mentioned in this article become more relevant. Align your company goals to the MSP program’s scorecard, be a good partner and make sure you’re leveraging diversity certifications that your firm qualifies for.

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Pankaj Jindal

Pankaj Jindal
Pankaj Jindal is co-founder of Sense, a talent engagement platform designed specifically for the staffing industry.

Pankaj Jindal

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