Gain an Unfair Advantage With Mobile Recruiting

With unemployment falling to 4.5%, recruiters are battling to land lucrative accounts by accelerating their placement of high-quality candidates.

Within these organizations, recruiters face challenges such as dealing with large volumes of candidates across diverse industries and positions. Applicant tracking systems, analytics and automation do much to solve many problems agency side recruiters face. However, getting in contact with qualified candidates remains one of the largest pain points for agency-side recruiters in 2017. Mobile recruiting solves that pain point by producing significant gains in read rates, response time, and candidate quality.

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Text Recruiting – The Data Is In

Text messages are outperforming cold calls and emails on every metric that counts. Most recruiting organizations still use phone calls and emails to conduct candidate outreach but, when you look at the data, it’s easy to see that text message recruiting is more effective. The average response rate to email is 8% whereas text messages generate a 37% average response rate. Text recruiting outperforms email on open rates as well, with text offering a 99% average open rate and email offering just 18%.

Adapt To Mobile – Beat Out Your Competitors:

In 2014, a study by Glassdoor  found that as many as 98% of job seekers use mobile phones as their primary job search device. Even though mobile recruiting is now part of the paradigm, as many as 55% of recruiting organizations in 2016 still didn’t have a mobile careers site. The percentage of staffing organizations using text message recruiting is even lower. When competitors are slow to react, integrating mobile and text recruiting into your staffing strategy will help you gain a competitive advantage.

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Ameya Deshmukh
Ameya Deshmukh is the content marketing manager at TextRecruit, a provider of a text messaging platform for recruiters and others.

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