Why Text Messaging is Taking Over for Email for Recruiting

Recruitment methods are always changing. If you aren’t paying attention to communication trends, it’s time to start!

When you want to boost your recruitment efforts, you have to understand how your potential employees want to be contacted. With recruits going online for their job searches, it’s important to add recruits to your marketing database so that you can send out texts to communicate. While emails and phone calls are still useful, text messaging is going to speed up your efforts and find you the best candidates in the field. Here’s how:

Job Searches are Done on Mobile Devices

Understand that many candidates would like to apply for open positions with mobile phones. It is easier for candidates to respond to you on mobile devices, and you are more likely to get an answer from a candidate when you send a text message. When you are recruiting in a competitive field, you have to be fast. Emails can easily get lost in a spam folder. Text messages can be sent directly to the mobile device of the potential employee as long as you have their permission. With job searches done on mobile devices, it only makes sense to communicate using the same device.

It’s Easy to Answer Text Messages

A job candidate may not have the privacy they need to check their personal email throughout the day if they are still working. Looking at text messages during work on a smartphone is a different story. If you have questions for a potential job recruit or you want to set up an interview, you will get a quick answer if you send a question by text message. You may have to wait until the end of the business day to get a response if the recruit is employed and you are sending out an email.

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Automate Messages for Reminders

Once a recruit is in your system, text reminders are the easiest way to keep the recruitment process flowing. You can set up the system to send out a reminder text the day before an interview, decreasing the amount of time you waste on missed appointments. Thank a recruit for coming in for an interview with an automated text, or request additional information that is missing from their file. Automation can make your recruitment more efficient because you’ll be able to focus on more important tasks.

Communicate Important Information Through Text Messaging

It’s easy to send out a link to a form that you need filled out, or to gather more data on the potential employee. When your initial application is short to get a recruit started in your system, texting is the fastest to begin gathering the information you need to get an employee onboard. Emails can also provide a safe way to communicate, but you have no way of knowing if your emails go to the spam folder of the recipient or not.

Speed up your recruiting efforts by implementing text messaging into your communication strategy. While emails and phone calls can still be used to reach out to job candidates, your overall process is going to go faster when you also use text messaging. Younger employees prefer text communication over any other form, and you will see that you reach a wider audience of candidates when you begin to use text messaging.

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Ken Rhie

Ken Rhie
Ken Rhie is the CEO of Trumpia, a complete SMS solution.

Ken Rhie

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